Route Summary Report

How events are being displayed?

Route Summary Report presents web visitors with a sequential listing of information. The order of the events displayed are determined by:

  1. The order of the highways from pre-defined origin to pre-defined destination
  2. The start and end latitudes and longitudes for each highway
  3. The eligibility of active events on each highway
    • If event latitude and longitude are in between start and end latitude and longitude of highway
    • It does not consider the event travel direction
  4. The type of event and its geographic location. The order of events by type is determined by Event Type. The geographic location is determined by the event latitude and longitude. If start latitude is smaller than the end latitude then the order is ascending, otherwise it will be descending.

Updates depend on the type of event.

Generally, winter driving conditions are provided in the AM and updated again in the early afternoon. More updates occur if conditions change. During winter months you should always check the National Weather Service reports before traveling.

Construction events are updated weekly or more often if the information changes. Incidents or major accidents are updated as information is received.

Order Type of Event
1 Alerts
2 Driving Conditions
3 Planned events
4 Future planned events
5 Weather watches
6 Cameras
8 Travel Not Advised
9 Mountain Passes
10 Floodgates