Phone FAQs

  • In state, please dial 5-1-1(toll free)
  • Out-of-State, please dial (866)282-7577.

Check out the Help & Tips below!

Yes. To emphasize safety, we recommend calling 511 before leaving home or while your vehicle is stopped. Never call 5-1-1 or text while driving.

The service is provided free of charge to the public. But, cell phone users will pay for normal airtime and roaming charges according to their wireless service contracts.

The winter driving condition reports and alerts due to natural disasters are entered by ADOT&PF maintenance personnel statewide. Construction reports come from ADOT&PF construction personnel. Alerts are also entered by our partners at the Alaska State Troopers Dispatch and Denali National Park Dispatch (for the Parks Highway). If they are unable to enter an event, ADOT&PF will provide the information in 511 as soon as we can. ADOT&PF also provides alerts for major highways originating from local law enforcement Nixle.com feeds, such as Anchorage Police Department. The 511 system also receives weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS).

It's important to note that the 511 phone system is restricted to only play events occurring on major highways. For information on these and additional roads, go to 511.alaska.gov or download the Alaska 511 iPhone or Android apps.

Updates depend on the type of event. Generally, winter driving conditions are provided in the AM and updated again in the early afternoon. More updates occur if conditions change. During winter months, you should always check the National Weather Service reports before traveling and any weather cams along your travel route. Construction events are updated weekly or more often if the information changes. Alerts are updated as information is received.

The Traveler Information website ( http://511.alaska.gov ) has a "Help" button in the menu bar above the map display. If visitors select the "Help" button, they have the option to select "Contact Us". Comments and feedback may be left through this contact mechanism. We welcome your comments.

"Transit" is a menu option on the 511 telephone. You can request to transfer to a menu which will provide a listing of available transit agencies statewide. Transit information is also available on the website. In the menu bar above the map display, select "Other Info" and choose Transit. This offers high level information, web links, and telephone numbers to public transit agencies statewide.

It's important to note that the 511 telephone will only play events occurring on major highways. These and all other events are available on the 511.alaska.gov.

Phone Tips

There are three ways you can quickly get traffic information on a covered highway. Alaska 511 allows you to request information through:

  • Voice commands
  • Touch-tone commands only
  • Both voice and touch-tone commands interchangeably

Speak as clearly as possible and minimize any background noise - including radios, open windows, air conditioning and other people talking.

Callers can skip the main menu prompts by interrupting the system and immediately asking for any of the main menu options in English or by naming a Highway (i.e., Parks Highway), a Public Transportation Agency (i.e., People Mover) or a call transfer (i.e., Yukon Traveler Information).

Callers can request the following menus:

  • Highway Reports: When selecting this menu, the phone asks the caller to say or key in a highway name or mountain pass. Most highways are divided into "segments". This allows callers the option to listen to reports for a segment of highway, a mountain pass, or the entire route.
  • Transit: When selecting this menu, callers may request a public transportation provider (i.e., People Mover) and the call will transfer to that agency.
  • Alaska Marine Highway System: When selecting this menu, callers will be rerouted to the AMHS ferry schedule, reservations, and arrival/departures.
  • Transfer my call: When selecting this menu, callers may request to have their call transferred to: National Weather Service Line; Canada Road Conditions; Alaska Marine Highway System; Alaska Railroad Passenger Services; Whittier Tunnel; and, Commercial Vehicle Customer Service.

Callers can interrupt the voice-activated menus at any time.
Callers can switch to touch-tone mode by pressing *8 any time during their call. Callers can switch back to speech mode at any time by pressing *8 again.
Check your cell phone signal strength when placing a call; weak reception may cause voice recognition problems