Phone Segments

Highways covered by the system have been divided into segments which have a name and a number. You can use either one when speaking to the 511 system. Knowing the segment can speed up your call by taking you straight to the information you need. Here are some examples of how you can ask for a report about a highway segment:

At the MainMenu:

You hear: "Main Menu. Say what you'd like..."
You say: "Sterling Highway, Homer to Soldotna"
You say: "Sterling Highway, Segment one"
If you've gone past the Main Menu, you can still get information about a segment using the name or segment number
You hear: "OK, Highway reports. Say the highway you'd like information about. Or you can say 'list them all'"
You say: "Elliot Highway, Dalton Highway to Manley Hot Springs"
You say: "Elliot Highway, Segment two"

Highway Touch Tone Segments Touch Tone
Alaska Highway 2527 Delta Junction to Tok 1
Tok to Port Alcan 2
Port Alcan to Tok 3
Tok to Delta Junction 4
Chiniak Highway 2446 Rezanof Drive Junction to Milepost 43 5
Milepost 43 to Rezanof Drive Junction 6
Copper River Highway 2677 Cordova to Milepost 48 7
Milepost 48 to Cordova 8
Dalton Highway 3258 Chandalar Summit to Deadhorse 9
Coldfoot to Chandalar Summit 10
Elliot Highway Junction to Coldfoot 11
Chandalar Summit to Coldfoot 12
Coldfoot to Elliot Highway Junction 13
Deadhorse to Chandalar Summit 14
Denali Highway 3362 Cantwell to Paxson 15
Paxson to Cantwell 16
Denali National Park Road 3677 End of Road to McKinley Park 17
McKinley Park to End of Road 18
East End Road 3278 Homer to End of Road 19
End of Road to Homer 20
Edgerton Highway 3343 Chitina to Richardson Highway Junction 21
Richardson Highway Junction to Chitina 22
Elliott Highway 3554 Dalton Highway Junction to Fox 23
Manley Hot Springs to Dalton Highway Junction 24
Dalton Highway Junction to Manley Hot Springs 25
Fox to Dalton Highway Junction 26
Glacier Highway and Egan Drive 3426, 4522 Juneau to Echo Cove 27
Echo Cove to Juneau 28
Glenn Highway 4536 Anchorage to Palmer 29
Palmer to Glennallen 30
Glennallen to Palmer 31
Palmer to Anchorage 32
Haines Highway 4246 Haines to Alaska Canada Border 33
Alaska Canada Border to Haines 34
Hope Road 4673 Seward Highway Junction to Hope 35
Hope to Seward Highway Junction 36
Kenai Spur Highway 5362 Soldotna to Milepost 39 37
Milepost 39 to Soldotna 38
Klondike Highway 5566 Skagway to Alaska Canada Border 39
Alaska Canada Border to Skagway 40
McCarthy Highway 6222 Chitina to McCarthy 41
McCarthy to Chitina 42
Mitkof Highway 6485 Milepost 34 to Petersburg 43
Petersburg to Milepost 34 44
North Tongass Highway 6678 Ketchikan to Clover Pass 45
Clover Pass to Ketchikan 46
Old Seward Highway 6537 Seward Highway Junction to Rabbit Creek Road Junction 47
Rabbit Creek Road Junction to Seward Highway Junction 48
Parks Highway 7275 Cantwell to Nenana 49
Nenana to Fairbanks 50
Talkeetna Spur Road Junction to Denali Highway Junction 51
Wasilla to Talkeetna Spur Road Junction 52
Denali Highway Junction to Talkeetna Spur Road Junction 53
Fairbanks to Nenana 54
Nenana to Cantwell 55
Talkeetna Spur Road Junction to Wasilla 56
Pasagshak Road 7272 End of Road to Chiniak Highway Junction 57
Chiniak Highway Junction to End of Road 58
Petersville Road 7383 End of Road to Trapper Creek 59
Trapper Creek to End of Road 60
Rezanof Drive 7392 Chiniak Highway Junction to Abercrombie Drive Junction 61
Abercrombie Drive Junction to Chiniak Highway Junction 62
Richardson Highway 7424 Delta Junction to Fairbanks 63
Glennallen to Delta Junction 64
Valdez to Glennallen 65
Delta Junction to Glennallen 66
Fairbanks to Delta Junction 67
Glennallen to Valdez 68
Seward Highway 7392 Seward to Sterling Highway Junction 69
Sterling Highway Junction to Anchorage 70
Anchorage to Sterling Highway Junction 71
Sterling Highway Junction to Seward 72
South Tongass Highway 7688 Ketchikan to Milepost 13 73
Milepost 13 to Ketchikan 74
Steese Highway 7833 Fairbanks to Circle 75
Circle to Fairbanks 76
Sterling Highway 7837 Homer to Soldotna 77
Soldotna to Seward Highway Junction 78
Seward Highway Junction to Soldotna 79
Soldotna to Homer 80
Talkeetna Spur Road 8255 Parks Highway Junction to Talkeetna 81
Talkeetna to Parks Highway Junction 82
Taylor Highway 8295 Tetlin Junction to Eagle 83
Eagle to Tetlin Junction 84
Tok Cut-off Highway 8652 Gakona Junction to Tok 85
Tok to Gakona Junction 86
Top of the World Highway 8676, 8678, 8679, 8689 Jack Wade Junction to Alaska Canada Border 87
Alaska Canada Border to Jack Wade Junction 88
Whittier Access Road 9448 Portage Glacier Road to Whittier 89
Whittier to Portage Glacier Road 90